Summer Reading Program 2012

This summer’s library program is titled, “Reading is So Delicious.”  This week the kids got  the opportunity to tour the DFAC.  (That’s “dining facility” for you non-military types.)  The librarian used a cute story of a giant who was too big to eat out of regular sized dishes so he found a commercial kitchen that would fit his size.

We got to see large pots, pans, spoons, and fridges.  The kids had a fun time and the soldiers working there enjoyed seeing a group of kids come through.

Washing hands before we entered the DFAC.

Seeing the pantry and all the extra-large food containers.

Cheese!!!  (Our friend… his parents call him Stomper sometimes.)

A LARGE cherry pie!

A large “KitchenAid” Stand Mixer.

Large spoons.

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