Fourth Festivities: Part 2

After having fun at the WEC playing games and riding rides the boys and I walked back home to meet Daddy, Parker, and the Joneses for dinner.  We played a rowdy game of Hill Rummy while missing the HILLS and then, at dusk, packed up the strollers, cooler, and wagon with kids, drinks, and chairs.  We marched to a super awesome spot and watched the fireworks with no crowds, loving every minute of it.

Funniest event of the evening:  A car decided to drive down the dirt path we were.  Aimee’s camera was positioned in the middle of the path set on a 15 second timer which would then take about a 5 second picture.  She told the the car to wait verbally, though, of course, the driver couldn’t hear.  She put her hand out for just a second to motion the car to wait, and about that time noticed the light bar on the roof.  It was POLIZEI!  She promptly grabbed her camera and got out of the way!


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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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