Fourth Festivities: Part 1

Bailey has been asking for violin lessons for about six months.  We haven’t found a teacher yet so he hasn’t started.  Yesterday, at the Fourth of July Celebrations, a teacher was there with several instruments.  Bailey actually got to try out the violin!  I got the teacher’s information, but I know we won’t be able to start lessons while we’re here.  We have too much traveling coming up to start something new.

The boys each played a game and several of us rode the rides.  I was not looking forward to the crowds of people but I think the WEC handled things well.   It went much better than I expected.

Hayden is on the far left with blonde hair and a green face. Not green due to motion sickness but face paint!

Tomorrow I’m going to share picture from the fireworks portion of the Forth.  I was was quite impressed with them!

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6 Responses to Fourth Festivities: Part 1

  1. Bug's Mama says:

    OOO Do share the music teacher info! His face is just priceless, so happy and focused!

  2. Kate says:

    My family is on our way to Wiesbaden in August. I have really enjoyed reading your blog in preparation! Two of my kids are taking violin now-I would love a lead for a teacher to keep them going!!

    • Jennifer says:

      So glad you’re getting to come to Wiesbaden! Be sure to look me up and let me know! Also, our PWOC likes to give newcomers a welcome bag once they get to the hotel. If you don’t get one, ask at the front desk.

      Here is the information I have:
      At the bottom is the information I found on the brochure the teacher gave me but he also handed me the card for the Wiesbaden SKIES director, Dan Carter.
      Here’s Dan’s info:

      If I were to try to set something up, I’d call SKIES first. I would like to get some information in English before I contacted the music school.

      06144/405 606

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