Happy Birthday, America! (2012)

So I’ve been working on finding pictures of the boys on the 4th of July from previous years.  I got a few collages made but now the boys are begging to go to the Entertainment Center for the festivities.  I am not able to stall any longer.

Here are pictures from two years, and I do hope to add to these later.  For now,

Happy Independence Day from Matt, Jennifer, Hayden, Carson, Bailey, and Parker!

2006:  Fort Jackson

2007:  Fort Carson

2008:  Fort Carson minus Daddy.  (And I didn’t take many pictures on the real fourth so some of these are from other dates in July.)

2009:  Fort Carson – Lots of friends and I was expecting Parker but didn’t know it just yet!

2010:  Wiesbaden, Germany – with our new addition:  PARKER!!

2011:  Wiesbaden, Germany

2012 Pictures to come…

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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