An announcement in P K Es.

So we’re military, right?  Everything has an acronym.  Recently one of our fellow Army families gave Parker a new book with magnetic letters.  He LOVES this toy and asks for it frequently.  (I keep it set aside so he doesn’t lose pieces.)

We’v been trying to teach him how to spell his name for months and we have his name spelled out on the wall in his bedroom:

During many diaper changes we’ve said, “P-A-R-K-E-R.”  When we ask how to spell anything, he does his best to spell Parker.  It comes out more like, “PKE… Parker.”

His little brain is working all the time and now, when he sees his book with magnetic letters he says, “My PKEs!!!  My PKEs!!!”  When he sees letters or numbers in a book he points and says, “PKE!”  He’s quite proud that he knows his letters.

Today is the day many Chaplains across the Army are finding out what their next duty assignments are.  We found out ours!

I’m going to spell it out for you in PKEs!!






Wait for it…







Of course we are going to be sad to leave Wiesbaden and the many friends we’ve made. We will be sad to leave the convenience of traveling a couple of hours to reach multiple foreign destinations.  We will be sad to leave the rich homeschooling environment DoDEA (Europe version) provides our family, as well as the fantastic and OLD history of Europe.  But of course, as is the case in any situation, there are benefits.  The main benefit is that we will near all the grandparents for a while, including our extended families and NC friends.

Our expected date to PCS will be early-ish December but nothing is in stone.  I’m sure I’ll write more about this as the months progress.  For now we’re content that we have gotten the assignment we asked for:  a six-month career course for Matt.

We will find out during that six months where our next 3-year assignment will be.

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3 Responses to An announcement in P K Es.

  1. Bug's Mama says:

    Congrats on the orders!! I’ll miss you 😦 Now don’t become a stranger while getting ready to PCS!

    • Jennifer says:

      Girl, it is my intention to be fully present until I’m absent! 🙂

      Though, don’t mistake my not attending many park days as being a stranger… so far we’ve done school on all of them! 🙂 Summer school rocks! (But only because it’s giving us time to go to Italy before we PCS, which we get to do while not worrying about school since we’re doing it full-force now…)

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