Johannisnacht – Mainz

On the same day we picked strawberries we went to a fest in Mainz.  It was called the Johannisnacht , translated the St. John’s Night Festival.  It’s the festival that celebrates the shortest night of the year, and all people with the name John, Jack, Hans, or Johann.

Don’t eat these. Ever. They taste horrible, regardless of how adorable they are.

American Ice Cream. FUNNY!

Do you see the bridge beyond Matt and the boys?  That’s the Theodor Heuss Bridge from Mainz Kastel on our side of the Rhein River over into the city of Mainz.  You’ll see it again in this post.  We walked from here, under the bridge, and past it.  The next picture you’ll see of it was taken on the same side of the river but quite a ways on the other side of it.

Bailey wanted to ride the swings.  At first he was very nervous.  Note the pensive expression on his face on the bottom of the collage… then note the excitement he was displaying in the picture at the top of the collage.  He wears his emotions right where everyone can see them!

While Bailey and I were riding the swings I snapped a picture of the Rhein River.  You can see the bridge I mentioned before as well as the “beach” the boys and I found in 2010 and the restaurant Matt and I ate at in 2011.

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