Colorado Springs…

My heart is there.  I am going to make some really awesome North Carolinians mad when I say this, but when I find myself homesick I realize I’m more homesick for Colorado than NC.  Of course, NC will always be “HOME home,” it’s our home-of-record, and all of our family is there, so when I get homesick for people, I’m thinking of the Tarheel state.  But when I envision myself “in the states” I go back to CO.

I’m not sure if it’s because Colorado was where we came from just before here or because the boys and I dug pretty deep roots during the deployment, or because the majesty of God was all over the mountains that I could see from my windows.  Maybe it was because I’ve always dreamed of living in Colorado and, when I finally got to realize that dream, the reality of it was better than my dreams had been.  (Of course, in my dreams I had seen myself in a house on the lake that could have graced the cover of a home builder’s magazine rather than in a townhouse on a military post, but I was content.  Believe me.  I was content!)

And now the city I lived in has found itself in danger of burning.  I have no idea what to think of this.  We had fires while we lived there and were on the verge of evacuation at one point.  All of our most precious items were loaded in the car and we actually got the automated call to evacuate, but it was a mistake.  The MPs who were continually driving through assured  us that Fort Carson had not been given the orders to evacuate but that part of post had phone numbers that were tied into another area that had been ordered to do so.  We stayed put and the fires were contained.

That was another time.

My heart aches to think of the many losses people all across the fire zone have experienced and seeing the pictures of Colorado Springs directly in the line of fire, I’m brought to tears.

Please pray for rain for the entire state.  Please pray for the firemen who are working to contain a fire that has now been called “epic.”

In the picture below you can see the Air Force Academy.  When I first glanced, I thought that was Garden of the Gods but it’s not.  It’s that weird cut-out-of-the-mountain thing that I always wondered about.


Credit unknown.

(If I am able to track down the photographer for the image above I’ll update later.)

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2 Responses to Colorado Springs…

  1. Shannon Wagner says:

    Thank you for all the prayers being sent this way. It is so devastating to see the smoke and flames and to be able to see the smoke from as far as 50-60 miles away. We are blessed to not be in harm’s way, but know of those who have lost their houses and it doesn’t seem to be letting up.

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