Strawberry Picking – 2012

On our fridge we have a list of the top 10 things our family loves to do together.  Traditions that we find special and important.  One of those things is strawberry Picking.  It’s not that we love strawberries so much that we eat them all that often (they are quite expensive I never find coupons for them!) or that we go strawberry picking multiple times a year.  In fact, we only go once a year, and that’s only been since we moved here!  We happen to have a gorgeous field within walking distance and we have had fun each of the three times we’ve gone, making memories that were lasting enough to make the top 10 things our family loves to do together.

We tried to go pick strawberries on Father’s Day but got there too late, which is why we ended up going to the skate park instead.  On Saturday we decided to forego nap time in order to get in the annual event before going to a fest in Mainz.  We encountered a few negative attitudes on our way to the fields (which are literally a quarter-mile away) and by the time we parked, I’d convinced the boys that they were going to have fun whether they liked it or not.  It worked, because we all did have a really good time.  In spite of the fact that we were dead it the middle of nap time and in spite of the fact that only 2/3rds of our family even eats strawberries.  Carson, our non-fruit eater, was actually a very skilled strawberry picker and contributed to our basket quite heartily.  Parker doesn’t like the texture of them, but LOVES picking them!

Parker had so much fun on this trip, actively participating this year as opposed to the previous two years, when I held him or he sat and watched from the stroller.  Here are some pictures from our outing:

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