Just so you know, when the phone rings and I don’t know the number, I assume it’s a German telemarketer who knows no English.  I’ve been getting more and more calls like this over the past month and I’ve gotten to where I almost give in to the temptation to ignore the call.

Today, however, I’m glad I didn’t!  When I heard the voice on the other end I honestly thought it was my brother.  He has a distinct way of greeting someone on the phone and there’s absolutely no way to adequately explain it across a computer screen without recording it on audio. It’s something I love about him, and love to hear his voice when he calls.

After just a second or two, however, my “brother” announced himself as Brett, my cousin! HE SOUNDS JUST LIKE MY BROTHER!!!  That can only mean one thing… Brett’s grown up!

I’m not really interested in dating myself, but I’m about to:  Matt and I were in our 2nd and 1st years of college respectively when Brett was born.  He turns 16 in a few months.  CRAZY!

So, as surprising as it was to hear his voice on the phone, the real surprise came just a minute into the conversation.  He was actually in FRANKFURT, twenty minutes away, with an eight-hour layover on his way to serve on a mission trip.  He wanted to know if we wanted to come by for a short visit!  OF COURSE WE DID!!

I got the bigs up from their rest times and left Matt and Parker to finish their naps, and drove to Frankfurt!  But not before stopping at a gas station on the way to get a few of our favorite German treats to give to Brett.  KinderEggs, Rittersport Chocolate, and Gummy Bears, which are actually made here.

We were hugely surprised when Brett pulled out a surprise for the boys, as well!  He had brought a football for them!  They were so excited and have been playing with it all afternoon.

Our prayers are with Brett and the rest of his team as they spread God’s love and the message of Christ to other parts of the world.  Thanks to his team leader who escorted Brett from behind the maximum security area of the Frankfurt Airport to the place where those not holding a ticket could enter.

BT, have fun!

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