That wasn’t sweat…

Oh, you want me to tell you what it was, don’t you!?!?  I’ll get there…

As I said, today was extremely productive. I woke up at 0500 and left here at 0535 in order to get to post for a session with my personal trainer.  About 40 minutes into the workout my trainer had me do an exercise that was less than easy.  The actual exercise wasn’t so hard, necessarily, but my abs, after four babies and 30+ years of neglect, were not able to do this exercise gracefully.  I felt like I was being watched by several nearby soldiers, though I know good and well they were in their own worlds and not paying me a bit of attention.  In my mind, I was failing miserably and looking like an idiot.  I was very thankful for the many drops of sweat that were falling to the ground to help disguise the tears that were also falling.  Of course, my trainer could tell and she encouraged me and told me that she was quite proud of my hard work.  Oh, it was a tough moment.  I pulled through and finished the second round of that exercise, hating every single rep.

After my time of torture at the gym I headed home to teach the boys for several hours. And then, it was lunch time!  It bugged me that I hadn’t taken pictures of my Santa Fe burrito concoction the previous two times I made it, so I did so today! And yes, that does mean that I ate the same thing for lunch three days in a row. That’s one of my money-saving schemes… eating leftovers. And when you have really good dinners, the leftovers are worth fighting for!

Yesterday I mentioned that I froze avocados.  Here, you can see how today I had broke off a piece of it and put it in a small dish to thaw.

Thirty seconds in the microwave and you get this:

Next I heated up the best part:

And then started assembling it into a meal:

Avocado from the freezer and sour cream spread on a spinach wrap.

Fabulous lunch!! (I wrote about the original recipe yesterday and you can find the original one here.)

So after lunch, we loaded up the car and had the bigs’ teeth examined.  Here’s a pet peeve of mine: here we have to go to an appointment for a “check up” and then go back for a cleaning.  I prefer the way we do it in the states:  go in for a cleaning and if necessary, come back a second time for further work.  As it is here, we have to go in twice no matter whether our teeth are in perfect condition or not.  It’s not easy, nor is it fun, to take four boys to the dentist twice a year.  It’s doubly not fun to do so four times a year.

I left the dentist I took the boys to Mainz Kastel to, hopefully, find Hayden a pair of tennis shoes.  While I didn’t find those, I did find three perfectly sized pairs of cleats for their upcoming soccer season, plus three or four pairs of shoes for Parker!  Grand total?  $15.50.  SCORE!

After our mostly-successful shoe trip it was time for ME to go to get MY teeth-check-up.  All was well and I’m cleared to get my teeth cleaned.  And from there, I went to sign my will.  All I had to do was sign it.  Why it took 75 minutes, I’ll never know.  All I do know is that I left there a real-live grown up as I now have a will in place.  Did you know that nearly 70% of Americans die without a will?  Not good.

Matt graciously watched the boys while I was working on the will, and then he took them home so I could stop by the commissary all by myself.  While out, I stopped at the PX and found a pair of tennis shoes for Hayden!  SCOREx2!

Finally, I went home and sliced red pepper, yellow pepper, broccoli, and carrots and placed them in our grill-basket.  Matt grilled chicken, portabella mushrooms, and the other veggies and we ate on the porch.  (It was cooler on the porch than inside our house.  As a friend said on his Facebook Status today, “Summer time…… Personally I’m looking forward to the first frost!”  I couldn’t agree more, David!)

After dinner, I gave Parker a bath while Matt and the bigs played a game.  Needless to say, I’m tired and looking forward to my bedtime.

It was a productive day with exercise, shoes, a will, four mouths checked out, more shoes, fresh produce and seriously delicious grilled chicken, games, and finally, baths.  I can honestly say that I love my stay-at-home lifestyle and am glad I only have one day a week I have to join the rat-race.

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