Santa Fe Chicken and Cilantro Lime Rice

I am introducing you to a few recipes that, when combined, rocked my world.

Lately, I have been bored to tears with my current recipe rotation.  I googled recipes until I was blue in the face.  I’ve printed so many (with pictures, of course) that now all the food looks the same and is printing in an odd color which presents itself as mustard-yell0w-avocado-green.  So much for having pictures to give me an idea of what the dish was supposed to look like upon completion.

Out of my efforts I found two recipes on one site that caught my interested.  At the table, the dish made my husband say “REPEAT” multiple times during our meal.  (That’s his Military Intelligence code for, “This is a meal I like enough for it to go on the “repeat” list.)

The first was called Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken and it was served over the second, which was called Chipotle’s Cilantro Lime Rice.  Gina at has both of these recipes and I urge you to go to her site, read the recipes, and try them ASAP!  I also made some avocado sauce while preparing 10 avocados for freezing.

With the chicken I chose to use chicken tenders instead of breasts because that’s what I had.  I used my own, homemade broth, though I think next time I’ll use a little less than it calls for.  (I’ll tell you why in a minute.)  With the rice, I made a batch of rice in my rice cooker because I knew we were going to be gone until the meal was ready.  I can make rice on the stove, but when I’m going to be away from the house and want each part of the meal done simultaneously, I use the rice cooker because it has a delay start feature.  When it was time to ‘plate’ the food, I dished out the plain rice for the boys and converted the remaining rice to the Cilantro Rice.

This meal was fabulous.  And by fabulous, I mean, it was REALLY GREAT!  We had no left-over rice so the next day for lunch I put some homemade avocado sauce and sour cream on a spinach wrap and then topped it with the heated and drained Santa Fe Chicken.  I was in heaven!  I was so thankful the boys were at nap so I could simply sit and enjoy my delicious lunch!  (The fact that I needed to drain it is why I think I’ll cut the broth down a bit next time I make it.)

You’re probably wondering what “avocado sauce” is.  I was following the directions for freezing avocados given to me by Diana at “Eating Richly” when I realized I could easily put some of the avocado “sauce” on a sandwich or tortilla with other yummy goodies.  I froze two bags of avocados for future use and put half a cup in a Pampered Chef Prep Bowl.  When it was time to make my oh-so-delicious lunch, I used a little of this “sauce” (which is sort of like guacamole minus a few ingredients) and sour cream.  Breathtaking!

And while we’re on the topic of avocados, I will go ahead and tell you I also made avocado hummus this week!  I’ve been watching my calories lately and found that I really like carrots and hummus.  While plain hummus is my all-time favorite, I also enjoy seeing what else can make a fun snack.  When I saw this recipe, I couldn’t help myself!  Turned out well and I’ve got a new snack to go with my carrots.

I’ll be perfectly honest about the fact that there are no pictures of the the Santa Fe Chicken, Cilantro Rice, or my tortilla filled with yummy goodness:  Every time I’ve sat down to eat a meal made with the Santa Fe Chicken, I’ve had NO interest in stopping what I was doing to get my camera out.  I will try to get pictures of these things for you another time, but this time… I just couldn’t wait!

Update:  I’ve put pictures up here.)

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  1. A Proud American! says:

    This sounds SO good! I’m going to try it. 🙂

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