DON’T Put a Helmet On!

On our walk to the commissary skate park I realized that we had four boys, all riding different wheeled contraptions:  Hayden was on a skateboard, Carson was on a scooter, Bailey was on a bike, and Parker was in his stroller.

During our time at the park, Hayden wanted to climb on top of a small play house that Parker was inside and I jokingly asked Matt if I was crazy for not being worried about the boys riding all these things at the skate park or about Hayden climbing on top of that house.  He laughed and said, “No.  You’re the mom to four boys!”  I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t worry too much or I’d be a nervous wreck.

Before long Hayden realized that someone had cut the lower limbs off of one of his favorite climbing trees.  He was hugely disappointed and Matt said, “Americans.  Afraid of everything.  That’s one thing I like about Germans.  They figure if you are going to climb a tree or play on a playground, you’re accepting the risk of getting hurt.  Americans try to keep everyone from getting hurt.”  Okay, so maybe he didn’t say it quite like this, but that was the general idea.  We make our children wear helmets while riding their wheeled-contraptions, but we did retell some jokes about helmets…  (I’ll leave it at that, but google Brad Stein: Put a Helmet On.)

Just as we finished our little laugh, Hayden pointed at a sign right behind me.  A sign that clearly said, “No helmets allowed.”

Seriously!  We had JUST laughed about Americans being too uptight and there was sign telling us NOT to wear helmets!

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