Happy Father’s Day! (2012)

Today was an AWESOME Father’s Day!  We got our dad back!!

Matt has spent the past week in St. Louis for training and we have missed him so much. As soon as we got him from the airport the boys started asking him where wanted to eat for lunch.  (They decided to trick me and say that he had picked McDonald’s.  They got me!  I about put my foot down and then they all laughed at me, knowing that I was going to have that reaction.)  In reality, he picked Mexico Lindo, making everyone in the family happy!  I have to say, that’s the place to eat on Sundays.  We had a coupon for buy one meal get one half off, plus, for each adult, two kids eat free.  We got six meals and five drinks for €27.50.  We can barely eat for that at McDonald’s!

We got home for blessed Sunday naps and then I dragged the jet lagged Matt out of bed at 5:00.  We decided to walk to the strawberry fields to pick some of nature’s sweetest candy, only to find them closed.  Our next stop was the commissary skate park where the bigs rode their respective toys-on-wheels while Parker played at the “pee-gound.”

We laughed so much at our toddler’s antics and how many words he’s learned to say over the past week.  Before long the bigs wanted in on the Parker-action and at one point all five of my boys were on the swing set.

Teaching Parker how to ride the swing. Notice Matt holding on to his overalls.

We then walked home and made a smorgasbord for dinner:  BLTs, Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuits, Debra’s Crock Pot Chicken, Yogurt and granola…  Matt then made popcorn and we are currently watching a family movie.  Well, the boys are.  I’m writing this and Matt’s asleep in his chair.  I asked him a while ago if he’d had a good Father’s Day and he said that he had.  The way he said it revealed to me that he really had.  We’re glad he’s home and are thankful it was a one-week trip… our hearts are always thinking of those who are separated for long deployments.

Of course, I don’t want to neglect telling my dad, grandfathers, brother, and uncle Happy Father’s Day as well!

I was extremely blessed to be raised around such strong, Godly men.  It made selecting a husband easy!  Pick one like the ones I was raised by and I was set!

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