Crock Pot Rotisserie Chicken

My favorite “whole chicken in the slow cooker” recipe is one I make on a regular basis.

I didn’t take this photo. The chicken I make tends to fall off the bone and refuses to stand still for a photo. This image was taken from “A Year of Slow Cooking” and I do hope you’ll head over there and check out the recipe!

I found it at “A Year of Slow Cooking” and LOVE IT!  I almost always have a chicken prepared and ready in the freezer.  As soon as we eat one, I put it on the grocery list it so I’ve got it ready to go whenever I need it.

I prepare two birds in individual bags, for two separate meals. If you have a large family (or your kids are older and eat more than mine) you may want to buy four birds, prepare two for each meal. Just adjust the recipe accordingly. I can fit two chickens in my crock pot so if I’m cooking for guests I will do it that way.  Again, the recipe on that website is for a single chicken for a single meal.

Click HERE and follow the recipe for an amazing “rotisserie” chicken.

Here is where I’ve altered it a bit for OAM cooking:
Line your crock pot with the crock pot liner.
Place one bird breast-side down into the crock pot.
Rub the spice mixture all over the bird, inside and out, top and bottom.
If desired, shove 4 whole garlic cloves and a quartered onion inside each bird.
Pull the edges of the crock pot liner up and put a rubber band around the top.
Place entire crock pot bag into a gallon sized freezer bag, removing as much air as possible, and freeze.
Repeat with second bird.
Now you have two incredible, healthful meals ready to crock.

Okay, to prepare for cooking.
Thaw (best way is overnight in fridge)
Remove crock pot bag from zip lock bag.
Place crock pot bag in crock pot and remove rubber band.  Cook as directed on A Year of Slow Cooking.

Note Regarding Spices:
If I haven’t totally blown your mind regarding doubling the above recipe for large families, I want to share an additional tip that saves me time:

I actually quadruple Stephanie’s recipe so that I can use half for the two birds I’m preparing at that time and the other half the next time I need to prepare two birds.  That way I only have to do all that extra work every other time. Make sense? If not, totally disregard this. If you choose to do this, just remember to set aside half of the seasoning BEFORE you start working on the chickens so you don’t contaminate the seasoning that you’re storing for next time.)

Note Regarding the Leftovers:
My new favorite blog to read (and I only read a few… I’m a full time teacher/mom so I don’t get to read a lot) is written by Kelly at The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking.  She shares how she makes fantastic broth out of the leftovers from whole chickens.  I’ve done this the past two times I’ve cooked this rotisserie chicken and now have a fully stocked freezer.  I am going to be sad the next time I make the rotisserie chicken and don’t need to prepare the broth.  I will feel so wasteful dumping out those leftovers!  Anyone nearby want free broth?!?  Click HERE to read Kelly’s instructions.

Oh, and I freeze my broth in ice cube trays and then dump in a large zip lock bag.  When I need broth I just thaw out as many cubes as I think I’ll need.  They thaw very quickly in a glass dish in the microwave or sometimes, depending on the meal, I’ll throw the cubes right in the skillet to thaw.

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