Debra’s Crock Pot Chicken

I don’t think Debra created this recipe but it’s titled this because I got it from Debra.  Just saying, “Crock Pot Chicken” wouldn’t specify which of our chicken recipes I was going to cook in my crock pot, so calling it “Debra’s” makes it clear to my family what we’re having.  (The full recipe and directions are at the  bottom of the page in case you want to copy/paste, and I also have the Print feature added to my blog.  To find this feature, click on “share” and you’ll see it.)

Brush the water/seasoning mixture on each piece of chicken.

Once the chicken has cooked a few hours, put the soup/cream cheese mixture on top and spread out (see next picture).

Here you can see the soup/cheese combination spread out and the mushrooms on top.

I personally like to shred the chicken, mixing it fully into the sauce. You can also leave the chicken breasts whole but my family prefers it this shredded.

Finished Product. Serve over any kind of noodles with fresh parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.

Parker enjoying his second helping. He L*O*V*E*S this meal!

I always make notes on my recipes about how well the recipe went over. I’m going to have to change this note!

Funny story:  I cooked collard greens to go with our dinner last night.  I was raised on these and really love them.  I put some on each of the boys’ plates and required that each of them take a bite.  They asked why I always put food on their plates that they “know” they’re not going to like.  I then proceeded to explain that parents are told to introduce a new food to a child 15 times, even if the child doesn’t like it the first 14 times, because there are some foods that the child will eventually begin to like.  (I totally made the number up, though the concept is legit.)

Tonight was the first time all four boys really liked this meal and Hayden threw his head back and reminded me of that conversation.  He said that he was amazed that it actually worked!  (I bet he thought this was the 15th time we’ve had this meal!)

4 boneless chicken breasts
1 envelope Italian Salad Dressing (usually on top shelf on dressing aisle)
1/4 cup water
1  Can Cream Chicken Soup
1/4-1/2 block cream cheese
1  8oz  mushrooms (optional, but really people… mushrooms are delish!)

Mix dressing mix and water together.

Place chicken in crock pot (yes it can be frozen) then pour or brush dressing over top.

Cook on high for 3 hours.

Beat cream cheese and soup together and pour into crock pot, adding mushrooms at this point.  Cook 2 more hours.  Leave chicken whole or shred into the sauce per your preference.

Serve over noodles with salad and bread.

Optional variations:

*I have also used the McCormick packet of pesto seasoning mixed with water.  Wonderful alternative.

*You can add a bag of frozen broccoli as you add the soup/cheese mixture.  YUMMY!

*Today I cooked on low 5 hours before adding the soup/cheese/mushrooms and then cooked another 3 hours.

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  2. Priya Muehr says:

    You forgot to put the cream cheese on the grocery list. 🙂

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