It’s Ceason Season!!

That title means it’s MAY!  Well, it was May when we met with our favorite photographer, Jessica Ceason.  She moved away from Wiesbaden a while ago and I worried that our annual family photo was going to lack the zest that they have had the past two years. Fortunately, she loves our family enough to come back just to photograph us.  Okay, not just our family, but I like to think she picked May because the Hamricks take our family photos annually in May.

Our first session with Jessica was in a park in Wiesbaden…

Our second session was in a cute town nearby, showcasing the fact that we live in Germany during this season of our lives.  (Click here to see our 2011 session.)

For our third session we were looking for some place absolutely breathtaking.  I found a location and I fell in love with it:  a monastery in Aimee’s town.  Our photo session was so much fun and all six of us felt comfortable and glamorous in front of Jessica’s camera.

I love this picture of my family… look at Parker’s face as he thinks about pulling Carson’s hair.

Some of my favorite pictures were featured on Jessica’s blog on June 7th.  To see those pictures, click here.  Over the next few weeks I’ll post a pictures from this session and will also add some pictures I took at that location.  It’s really a beautiful place.

Until later…

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8 Responses to It’s Ceason Season!!

  1. Erin says:

    LOVE the pictures (and your dress!)! You truly have a beautiful family!

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  3. Angie Merchant says:

    What great pictures! I’m so happy that you found a Jessica there to give your family great photo memories! Im sure you are feeling bitter sweet!

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