A Viking Date Night

I was afraid Matt wouldn’t make it home in time for our date last night.  He had a trip to another town to visit some of his solders there and was riding with several others, not in charge of his schedule.  It matter more on this particular date because, for the first time that I could remember (though Matt remembers one other time) we went to a movie just the two of us.

The movie was to start at seven and our plan was that I was going to go whether he was back or not.  The boys going were at the CDC where they would be fed and entertained so I was going to enjoy the movie with or without my date.

Fortunately, he arrived just in time and we made it to the theater before the previews were over.  Along with every teenager in Wiesbaden.

We sat near a fan so that we wouldn’t roast because, as I’ve mentioned before, there’s really no need for AC in Germany.  (Whoever said that needs to be be reprimanded.  Repeatedly.)  We were comfortably cool, but when the actors were talking in lowered voices we couldn’t hear a thing, so we moved to the back.  Bad move.  We were then seated in the youth section.  WARNING:  SOAP BOX COMING…  If my sons were caught acting like the youth in front of us last night, they would lose the privilege of going to the movies for a year.  Yes.  I said a year.  These teens were incredibly rude and obnoxious.  The firstborn/teacher/mom/considerate person in me was cringing each time they did something obnoxious and I found myself so distracted by them that I could hardly follow the movie at times.  I was thinking, “Don’t say anything.  They’re not being that bad.  Keep quiet.  You’re not their mother/teacher.  It’s okay.  It was only a $5 movie.”  I said that repeatedly until, at one point, they talked out loud about three rows in front of me and, before I could even repeat my internal monologue, I said, “SHHHHH!!”  One of them had the nerve to say, “Who said that?”  To which I replied, “I did.  Be quiet!”  We made faint eye contact which proved to them that I was not afraid for them to know who had told them to hush and was more than willing to ask employees to have them ushered out of the theater.  It was quiet for the remaining 20 minutes of the movie.

Seriously, people.  There is movie etiquette and if you’re going to talk through the movie or leave the theater 20 times, DO NOT GO TO THE MOVIES!  I understand that there are few options for teens in Wiesbaden on a Friday night.  I get that.  But if your teens are going to the theater, please tell them to have respect for other movie goers.  (There were several “packs” of teens being annoying, and they were all independent of one another.  One group was a threesome and the one dude of the group left the room at least 20 times. One group had a dude with $47.29 in quarters in his pocket and a large wad of bubble gum in his mouth.  He made sure to blow bubbles and pop it as loudly as possible while walking and jangling as if he had chains down to the ground.  He went in and out at least 4 times and had a very difficult time finding his seat every time he returned.  When he DID find his seat, he stopped to talk to everyone on the row before actually putting his bum in it.  I’m telling you…  I was ashamed they were military kids.  It was that bad.  I was beyond thankful that I didn’t know a single teen in the bunch… at least the ones that felt the need to go in and out a dozen times. )  Stepping down off the soap box…

After our movie we headed to the only American place open at that hour:  The bowling alley.  As soon as we saw that there were no parking spots we decided to take our chances that something was open downtown.  We parked at the Kurhaus and walked past Vapiano, our favorite Italian place.  It was our back-up in case we didn’t find something else to eat.  (We eat it often and I make pesto cavatappi, which is similar, so I was ready for something else.  I am more adventurous than Matt and he was very kind to let me have a mini-adventure in looking for a restaurant.)

As we walked we looked at many menus, which are required to be posted outside restaurants.  We found a few places that we were not dressed appropriately to enter, one that was only a bar, and one that smelled bad (I don’t like curry) so we kept on walking.  And then we came to the one Jay and Kelly had recommended when we went on our date with them a couple of weeks ago.  I have noticed the exterior of the place every time I pass it, thinking it’s just adorable.  Tonight, we checked the menu and decided to go in.  (Guess what the draw was?  Spargel creme suppe!)  We got seated, slightly nervous because, while we love trying new places, we prefer to go with someone else who’s been there before.  We were immediately offered English menus, proof that we look American, even without our posse of kids.  We each saw an appetizer we wanted and then saw the “Viking Skewer.”  It was perfect for sharing and just perfect in flavor.  It had beef, lamb, and pork fillet with peppers, onions, fried potatoes and the best herb butter I’ve ever tasted in my entire life.  In my entire life.

I got a picture of the interior of the Viking Weber as nonchalantly as I could:
 When our appetizers arrived, I took a picture, but as soon as dinner arrived, we dug right in!  We didn’t even have to ask for an extra plate.  The waitress brought two seasoned plates to our table immediately and we ate until the food was gone.  It was then that I realized I hadn’t taken a picture of our main dish!  Oh well.

Matt was very thankful for my adventurous spirit and we may have found a new favorite spot to dine in our very own town.

As we left it was raining so we walked to our car, casually, in the rain.  I hate walking in the rain, but last night it was not a problem.  We were on a date, had just eaten a great meal, and had a long way to walk and no umbrella.  We embraced the rain and walked, hand in hand, through our town.

We had a few more adventures:

The kasse wouldn’t accept our €5 bill to cover our €3 parking expense no matter how we entered it.  We had to put in a twenty and then felt like we won the lottery as €17 in coins came trickling out of the machine.

As I pulled out of the garage I realized my lights weren’t working.   It was dark and raining, and I needed my lights.  I pulled over and figured out that if I held the “brights” on, the lights would stay on.  Granted, they were on BRIGHT, but at least I could drive.  We had to go to WAAF because our boys were there, but so was our other vehicle!  We made it there with no trouble, parked, and prayed before we went in to get our boys.  When we got back out, they didn’t come on the first time, but did after I frantically turned the knob 5-6 times.  They stayed on the entire way home and we’re praying they continue to work.

One last story.  As I went in to pick up my baby, I noticed three babies on mats on the floor.  One baby was completely asleep, one baby was drowsy and close to sleep.  One baby was reading a book contentedly to himself… out loud.  I stood and listened to Parker read page after page to himself, not seeming the least bit tired.  (He had napped until 5:00, but this was 11:15 pm… he should have been tired!)  He also had two puzzles beside him, telling me he had not even tried to sleep!

I can’t explain the joy in a mom’s heart when reunited with your child after a few hours.  I love it.  I loved my hours away, and will continue to take them as often as I can, but the reunions are always AWESOME!!  My heart continued to swell as I watched the reunion between daddy and Parker, the bigs and Parker, and as the bigs hugged me.  It was only four hours apart… it was perfect.

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  1. Christy says:

    Just came back searching for this post, because I want to try to go to that restaurant soon. Thanks for recommending it!

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