Happy Birthday, Anna!!

I mentioned Anna on David’s birthday, and now I get to talk about her!  Like I said in that post, we became friends while taking a Psychology class in college, and our friendship has lasted through seven babies and several moves, on both our parts.  Their moves, however, were fairly local, ours have been across the country and international.

Matt and I love the Ramseys so much in part because we’re opposites.  While we can’t build or fix anything, the Ramseys can.  David built the book case in my office and the china cabinet that I treasure and is currently holding my growing Starbucks Mug collection.  Anna and I never run out of things to say while Matt and David can work side-by-side on a project (and there have been many projects) and have silence for an hour.  But what impressed Anna and me so much very early on is that neither of our husbands felt uncomfortable in their silence.  They hit it off, those two introverts, and enjoy each other’s company.

This matters so much to Anna and me because we knew we’d want our families to remain friends forever, and it has happened.  Even our kids get along well, even though they only see each other about once a year.  I was digging through some pictures trying to find one of the two of us from soon after we met but I can’t find any.  No clue where they might be.

The pictures I did find were of horrible quality, because during that season in my life I had a piece of junk for a camera and the majority of the pictures came out blurry… something about the teeny-tiny battery in the auto-focusing, zoomer thing.  The four of us went to Charleston for a weekend before any babies and we had so much fun.  We took a dinner cruise, saw old houses, and enjoyed the beach.  All those pictures were blurry.  As a result, I want my kids to be equipped with decent cameras as they start their independent lives.  How fun it would be to have a bunch of good quality pictures from those early years.

So far, I haven’t really said much about Anna.  She’s quiet and petite, (remember… I said my opposite) and has two gorgeous daughters and a very handsome son.  She’s a fabulous teacher and I’d fight to have my kids in her class, if we were living there and I weren’t homeschooling.  I adore how she loves her husband and never speaks negatively of him.  I enjoy watching their marriage and am glad to see they are still as in love as ever. Anna has impeccable taste in interior design and her homes always look like they should be on the cover of magazines.  (David does the majority of the tough labor, and he probably has the exact same level of decorating savvy, but I’m giving Anna the credit, since today is her birthday.)  Anna is a born organized, and for those of you who are NOT Flybabies, that means organization comes natural to her and her house is always clean even if you pop in unannounced.  She puts me to shame and I constantly remind myself that if Anna were to pop in on me, she’d shudder.  (Un)fortunately, since there’s this big body of water between us, I don’t have that as an accountably tool because she’s not going to pop in any time soon.  She makes killer sweet tea and has a new batch brewing long before the current batch is even halfway consumed.  She is the perfect Southerner!

I’m honored to be counted among her friends and look forward to our upcoming weekend in the mountains.  We rarely talk on the phone but when we do, it’s as if no time has passed.  God has been good to us and I’m thankful for my friend, Anna.  (And I’m telling you… if Parker had been a girl, he’d have been the cutest Anna Caroline on the planet!)

One of the few clear pictures of Anna and me.  Love this picture!!  Looking at it I am reminded of the many movies we watched in her and David’s honeymoon home.  The banana pop smoothies, the dinners at Outback (and Texas Roadhouse, of course…), the hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill.  BOWLING!  I remember that we used to go bowling whenever we could!  We even had our very own bowling shoes!

I enjoyed teaching 4th grade right next door to her and here are the only pictures I could find of our teaching-while-simultaneously-expecting days.  I was 7 months pregnant with Hayden (#1) and she was 5 months along with Olivia (her #2).  March 2001

Below is a picture taken of all four of us as I was in labor.  Anna and David had almost-1-year-old Maria and were expecting Olivia.  I was about to have sweet Hayden.  May 4th, 2001.

A few years later and a few kids later, we’re totaling five, though Anna was expecting Logan, who would bring our kid-count to six.  The top picture was at Anna’s house at Christmastime, 2004.  The lower one was taken a few months earlier while our bigs ate pizza for dinner.  Bailey was only a few months old so he wasn’t at the table.  (August 2004)  

My friend and me.  Oh, how I hate that this picture was blurry.  It’s one of the few of the two of us.  

Happy Birthday, Anna!!

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