Tennis Tournament: Hayden

Notice his adorable black eye. I am so thankful it happened the day AFTER we had our family photos taken!

Hayden is a natural athlete.  This has been evident since he was a very young toddler.  This fact played out as he played in his first tennis match.  He didn’t wear the opponents out, but he did win all the matches he played.  He definitely needs to work on his accuracy but for anyone watching, they would have never known this was his first season playing.  They definitely wouldn’t have known that he has only had thirteen practices total.

Hayden played four matches yesterday and won all of them, winning the Singles and Doubles Championships.

Hayden’s doubles partner.  He was from a younger age bracket and played up… he was that good.

Sweet Parker sat in that stroller for seven hours watching match after match.  I was so proud of him and how well he behaved.  He even got a little nap! 

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