Tennis Tournament: Bailey

Bailey learned so much in this first season of tennis.  I believe he will make a fantastic tennis player as he matures and learns to focus his energy into the game.  Yesterday, at his first tournament, he spent his first match playing only about half as well as he actually can, not realizing that it was single elimination.  The fact that he lost that match meant he had no other matches the entire day.  We were there a total of seven hours, so much of Bailey’s day was spent watching other matches.

I think were he to go back and start the day over,  he’d play his hardest and really try to win.  I love my free-spirited son and I believe that that loss, followed by six hours of semi-boredom, will help him remember to do his best during every single match he plays.  I overheard another mom saying that kids in general need to learn how to lose.  I do agree.  I’m proud of Bailey for not being upset that he lost and for being a good sport.  And even though he lost, he had a great time playing.

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