Double Date Night.

I so love date night.  I so love that when my kids leave the house, I’ll still be dating the man I fell in love with at 17.  Every now and then we go on a double date and last Saturday evening we did just that.  I think my date was so handsome… here he’s giving me “eyes.”

We went to Scotch n Soda with Jay and Kelly.  It’s a really neat place downtown that serves good food, has great ambiance, and friendly owners.  While we were there we saw the owners’ son run downstairs with a bloody mouth holding something in his hand.  He ran straight to his mom, showed her his mouth, at which point she let out a, “whoooeeeee!!!” Apparently moms of all cultures cheer with their kids when they lose a tooth.  We also got to watch a soon-to-be bride come by asking patrons of the nearby restaurants for donations.  (I did a brief online search on this but never got much.  Please leave info below if you have details!)  Anyway, she was wearing a t-shrit with a few handwritten words and prices.  I’m guessing a kiss was a certain price, a shoulder rub another price.  I saw her give a few shoulder rubs to a group of guests and they put money in a bucket, and then the party moved on to the next restaurant.  It looked like a neat tradition, but I would have not enjoyed it myself.

The beauty of being nomadic military is that each place we live becomes “our” town. Wiesbaden will always be partly our town.  See the guy in the green shirt?  His left elbow is pointing right next to the doorway to my doctor’s office.  I had many ultrasounds in the top window of that white building.  Her office was the top window that is angled slightly.   Good memories.

Scotch n Soda was behind me a couple hundred feet and I was telling Kelly about that being my doctor’s office and she convinced me to take a picture.  I’m glad she did.

As we turned onto the street where the ice cream shop was a few street musicians started playing.  For about 30 seconds I felt just like I was in a Rick Steves video!  The sights, sounds, smells.  It was perfect.  I was living the traveler’s dream.

Jay and Kelly ordered the same thing we did.  It was as good as it looked.  

And as our evening came to a close, we walked just a few steps outside the ice cream shop and saw our market square and I was sad that in just a few weeks Jay and Kelly would leave Wiesbaden for new adventures and we would be leaving in six months.  It’s nice to have memories of places.  This square holds the memories of many trips here for  Christmas and Easter Markets, the lunch Mom and I had here last month, several trips on Wednesdays to the farmer’s market for fresh goodies.  About the time we start to have a bouquet of memories it’s time to pack up and move on to the next home.  I’m very thankful for the excitement we already feel about our own upcoming adventure or the sadness would be overwhelming.

We had a lovely evening and thoroughly enjoyed our double date.  Love our friends!

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