13 years!

What a fun thirteen years this has been!  From Willow Creek Lane in the cutest little town in North Carolina to Wiesbaden, Germany, we have had quite the adventure.

If you had told me on my wedding day what was to come, I would have been oh-so-anxious to fast-forward to today.  I’m glad that wasn’t an option, but I must say, looking back on the past thirteen years, I FEEL like we’ve been put on fast-forward.

Here’s to the next 13-plus years of wedded bliss!

I love you, my favorite!


1999 – Getting Married!

2000 – Moving into our first home (that we owned)

2001 – Hayden!!

2002 – Trip away to Asheville (the one with the dead squirrel)

2003 – Carson!!

2004 – Bailey!!

2005 – Praying over the next big move and all the confirmations FOR the Army.

2006 – US ARMY, here we come!

2007 – Moving to Colorado

2008 – Learning that we can build and strengthen our marriage even when worlds apart.

2009 – Our Reunion!!!  And moving to Germany.

2010 – Parker!!

2011 – We’re Debt Free!!

2012 – T*R*A*V*E*L*I*N*G!

About Jennifer

"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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