Top of the world… I mean… Germany.

Getting to see the Zugspitze was a treat the Hamricks had not counted on.  We’ve been to Garmisch many times and had never felt compelled to fork over the Euro required to ride a cable car to the top of Germany.  We love mountains so it was hard to say no, but seriously… for my family, the discounted rate is €126, which is equivalent to $160!  For this Dave Ramsey-ite, that just takes my breath away!  Enter Nana and Papa, who were in full-out vacation mode.  They offered to split the cost with us and of course, we couldn’t resist!

The views were spectacular and the experience worth it. My pictures do not do justice to what we saw.

When we walked out onto the platform we were greeted with a blast of cold air.  Hand-numbing air for those of us holding cameras!  We had to take a couple trips inside to thaw out and give Parker a chance to warm up.  He never complained, but refused to wear a hat, so I wanted to be careful with his little cold ears.

Not only did he refuse to wear a hat, he actually threw it over the side of the railing during the first 90 seconds we were outside.  I didn’t notice this because he was on my back but Matt noticed immediately, as it was his hat that Parker had tossed.  We noticed it lying on the snow just out of reach.

If you look at the top two pictures in the collage below, you can see the hat on the snow and my dad holding it after he took two poles, taped them together, and inched the hat up to where he could reach it!  SUCCESS!

The bottom two pictures in the above collage were of the glacier.  It was so snowy and foggy that it was closed, so we weren’t able to go there.  We ate a mini-lunch at the tables you can see that overlook the glacier.   I was sitting at one of those tables when I took the picture of my dad holding Matt’s thought-to-be-long-lost hat.

We made sure to be first in line at the cable car for our return trip so we wouldn’t be crammed in the middle of the car like we had been on the way up.  The views were worth it and only one woman whined that she wasn’t at the front.  And she had admittedly been to the top of the Zugspitze 10 times.  I wasn’t giving up my spot for anything!

This was our view as we headed straight down the mountain.  Literally.  Straight. down.

As we got off the cable car I walked around the building that housed the cables and took this picture, looking back up at what we had just ridden down.  Breathtaking.

Thank you, Nana and Papa, for footing a lot of our bill to ascend the highest peak in Germany!

I am publishing this fun post on a day of remembrance.
Today is officially Memorial Day and I do hope you’ll take the time to be grateful for the freedoms you have as an American.  BBQ with your friends and family, but do so with the knowledge that many gave their lives so that you can enjoy the freedoms we often take for granted.  

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