Last Day of School!

Finally!  We try to end our school year by May 4th, Hayden’s birthday, but with four weeks of vacation that started on April 25th, we are a bit later than usual.

Regardless, today is IT!  The last day of our sixth year of homeschooling!  I didn’t expect that we would have home schooled this long but we really are liking it and don’t see any reason to change what we’re doing.

Here is Hayden during “Reading.”

Hayden on his last day as a 5th grader!

Here is Carson during “Math.”

Carson on his last day as a 3rd grader!

Here is Bailey during “Home Economics.”  Also known as “spend some quality time with your baby brother so mom can work on other things.”  This quality time came in handy earlier this week when Bailey saw a German toddler on the playground about to fall off the top of the highest slide.  The child’s grandparents were unable to reach him in time so Bailey scaled the playground equipment and helped the little one down the stairs to safety.  Without his practice as a big brother, Bailey may not have reacted in this way.

Bailey on his last day as a 2nd grader!

Most of the time, when kids reach the last day of school, they’re facing a two or three month break.  Not my poor kids.  We’re going to school all summer because we have a PCS coming up at the end of the year.

Instead of taking our extended break in the summer, we’re taking all of November and December off.  I worked out our 2012-2013 school calendar and it looks a bit like this:

June-August:  School four days a week with one day per week at the lake.

August-October:  Normal school schedule

November-January 7:  Travel to Italy then PCS

January 7-May 13:  Normal school schedule, taking the boys’ birthdays off.

That puts us just a little behind our family’s “May 4” stop date, but since we’re likely going to be in SC we’ll be required to do 180 days instead of the 172 days that Colorado requires.  I do not look forward to going back to the states and having to be under the thumb of state requirements.  Homeschooling under DoDS Europe we are completely free to homeschool however we want.

So, that was our big announcement!  My boys, starting at the end of our school day today, are officially DONE with the 2011-2012 school year!

Congratulations to all the students of Jackson Academy!

Here they were on the first day of this school year:

And a link to all their previous first days of school.

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5 Responses to Last Day of School!

  1. smilindown says:

    So, when you guys PCS, it will be a move back to SC? Or are you staying in Italy?

    • Jennifer says:

      We are only going to visit Italy for about 2 weeks. When we go to SC it’ll be for six months for a school Matt needs to go to. While we’re there, the Army will tell us where we’re going next for our 3 year tour.

  2. Pam M. says:

    Our last day was Tuesday of this week. We are headed into Jamie’s senior year of high schooling next year. He will be graduating with honors and already has his gold chord from the National Honor Society for High School Students. Plus he will be going into his second year of Dual Enrollment at ICC where he has kept a 4.0. I am very proud of him!
    I know you are proud of your guys too. In NC we do have to homeschool 180 days but it can be anytime of the year so it gives freedom. Also we do not have to turn in a specific first day and last day. We got done a lot earlier this year than we usually do. We normally take more time off than we did this year but with Jamie at ICC he had to stay on a schedule of classes so we did too rather than waste days off when he would be having to go to classes anyway. It worked out great!

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