Nana and Papa go on a Marriage Retreat

Remember that big surprise I had a few weeks ago?  The one that I ruined by spilling the beans on the way home from picking my parents up at the airport?  Well, THIS is what it was all about!

Every time Matt and I have gone to Garmisch on a marriage retreat, my mom would mention how much she’d like to go there.  On my parents’ first visit here I was a little preoccupied with having a new baby and our farthest destination was Rothenburg, a place my dad fell in love with!

On their second visit we decided to do a trip to Prague, Czech Republic.  For this, their third and final visit, Matt and I were thrilled to take them to the place that has been drawing them from the start!  Of course, we were there on official business, and mom and dad wanted to see what Matt does for a living, so they attended two of the three sessions Matt led.

But first, Mom and dad had to GET to Garmisch.

Our original plan was for Matt to ride the bus with his soldiers.  Then, we’d let mom and dad take a leisurely train ride back to Wiesbaden on the return trip.  However, that left us with no vehicle to ride around in while we were in the area.  (We have 8 people in our group and our van only seats 7.)  So, we finally just decided to take both of our vehicles.  We dropped the Durango off at the car place (do. not. get. me. started.) and, during routine maintenance, they found so much wrong with the vehicle that Matt had to sign a waiver to drive it home.  Nope.  Not going to put my parents in a car in that condition… they decided to rent a car and this ended up working out beautifully.

So like I said yesterday, they left Wiesbaden and hit Rothenburg first.  After spending a night there they drove south to Oberammergau, a place mom’s parents had visited many years ago.

After they saw the beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle, Linderhof Palace, and bought some handcrafted trinkets, they met us at Edelweiss.  The first night they arrived too late to go to the session Matt was leading for the Marriage Retreat so they showed me their newfound treasures.

The next two days provided them the opportunity to attend two sessions and to also take the boys swimming and nap.  Wait.  That was what MOM and I got to do.  Dad and Matt ended up spending the only clear-skied day traipsing all over Garmisch and the surrounding town looking for a tire to replace mine.  I had gotten a flat tire overnight and the tire was not able to be repaired, and German car dealerships do not keep van tires in stock.  We were VERY thankful that, on a second look, AAFES had a used one that would get me back home!  Although, being ‘stranded’ in Garmisch doesn’t sound like such a bad deal…

While hanging out in one of our rooms, Parker demonstrated his new “Finity annnn veeyonne!” He even got a little fancy and added in laser attacks!

We borrowed a tent for Parker in case our room was really small.  Parker slept perfectly well in the tent for both his naps and nights, something I was actually surprised by.

Nana and Papa enjoyed swimming with the boys and eating meals at the restaurants inside the hotel.  It was a very relaxing time and I do believe they were able to get a good dose of the slower paced life that retreats offer!

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3 Responses to Nana and Papa go on a Marriage Retreat

  1. Joleen Hyatt says:

    Definitely loved Garmish and Edelweiss! Thanks Jen and Matt for the surprise…even if you “spilled the beans” a little early! Love y’all!

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