Papa’s favorite place in Germany.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber has captured my dad’s heart from the first night we spent there  when Parker was exactly one week old.  He made a return visit on his second trip last fall and this year he and Mom got to go spend a night there, just the two of them, on their way to Garmisch.  Matt and I also really like Rothenburg and have a forever-tie to it:  we got our 2011 Christmas Ornament there.

I sent dad armed with my Nikon D50 and he had a blast taking pictures of the place he enjoys so much.

This is a picture of the square in Rothenburg where they hold the Christmas Market. We bought our 2011 Christmas Ornament from a stand that was placed near where red and white stand is located in this picture.

Standing near where the picture of the square was taken, dad turned around and took picture of the gasthaus they stayed in (and that we had stayed in 2 years ago). It’s the green one with red and white shutters.

Looking out their window toward the right you can see the square.

Zoomed in a bit at the square.

(All photos taken by T.D. Hyatt.)

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