Hayden’s Birthday Party

The little man who made me a mom turned 11 this month.  He was born on a Friday and the Monday-Thursday of that week was EOGs for my students.  I had given the tests for my 4th graders and distinctly remember standing around chatting with my fellow teachers after the last test about the fact that it was finally okay for me to have that baby.  Now that the students had all been tested I was free to deliver!  I remember jumping gently and saying, “Come on, Baby!”

I had an appointment with my midwife that afternoon and she put me on bed rest.  I was actually happy about this because I was going to get to stay home and rest until the baby came.  The previous few months I had experienced a special form of nesting which made me feel homesick for my house.  I loved my job, but all I wanted was to be at home.  Even though I didn’t have a baby to be home with just yet, I wanted to be there.  Bed rest was a good enough excuse!

Before I went home from the doctor’s office, I stopped back by the school and wrote a note to my students on the white board.  I then went home and tended to my very small flower bed before finally settling myself on my couch, officially beginning my bed rest.

I don’t remember much of that evening because I thought it was just an ordinary night.  Just another night of waiting for the big event.  I had no clue that it was my last night to keep that little baby safe and warm inside me… no clue that Matt and I were spending our last night as a family of two and about to welcome our son into the world.  In fact, had you asked us what we thought the gender of the baby was, we would have said girl.  We were both surprised that “she” was a “he” and that our “Camden” was really a “Hayden.”  (The reason we didn’t know the gender is because he would not reveal this information during the one and only ultrasound I was given during that pregnancy.)

I went to bed that night and woke around 2:30 am feeling something.  To be honest, it felt like I had just started my period but within seconds, I felt a gush and there was no question that my water had broken.  I tapped Matt and woke him up, saying that it was definitely time.  I had him get a towel so I could walk down the hallway to the bathroom.  I broke the rules and took a shower, standing there amazed at what was happening.
I needed another towel to get me to the car, and thankfully, while I was in the shower, Matt layered a few trash bags and towels in my seat in the car.  I leaked a LOT!

We broke another rule and stopped at Bojangles in Shelby for biscuits.  When I got to the hospital I was still not feeling regular contractions, as far as I can remember.  I had to laugh when they did a test on my “fluid” to make sure I wasn’t just peeing on myself.  If they only knew the quantity of fluids I had lost over the past hour they would have taken my word for it!

I ended up needing pitocin and fell in love with the anesthesiologist who gave me relief from that pitocin.  His name was Edwin. I’ll never forget that.

The hospital waiting room was filled to the brim with friends and family and friends who are family (I have those people all over the world, it seems!).  I remember vividly seeing the joy on their faces when holding Hayden.  He brings this joy to the world every day and I remind myself of this now as we enter the preteen years!  I’m excited to watch him become a man of God and am so very proud of the glimpses of the man I can already see.

Here is Hayden’s 11th birthday cake.  I sent a picture of Hayden’s gift (Jonathan Park Communicator Watches) to the SugarBee and she created this.  The time is 5:04 which represents May 4th and the channel was 01, representing 2001.

Here are the watches that we are still waiting on as they shipped parcel post.  (One thing I will not miss about living overseas.  I paid the extra $30 for express shipping but because another item in the shipment was large, the whole package was sent parcel.  Estimated arrival time: 6 weeks.  Poor birthday boy.)

While the fancy cake was very delicious, we knew it wasn’t large enough to serve our entire party.  In our family, we often have a pretty cake and a homemade cake.  Note that these are never one and the same as we don’t have the skills to make a pretty, homemade cake!  This year,  Hayden had an extra special time making his cake because Nana was able to assist him with it.  Nana made the cakes, Hayden did the decorating!

Hayden was given so many wonderful gifts.  He also got a lot of cash which he put in his savings account because he wants to purchase an iPad.  He’s been working hard and, along with a lot of birthday money, has $95 saved up already!

Our party was full of boys so when I saw saw these three little beauties walking so sweetly I melted.

I wrote this on Hayden’s 11th birthday.

I wrote this on Hayden’s 10th birthday.

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2 Responses to Hayden’s Birthday Party

  1. mehancock says:

    11 years?!?!? I cannot believe it. That is so weird for me. I remember so vividly the day he was born. If I remember correctly, I think Hayden was the one that we got stranded at the hospital because the car battery died. And when Dad came to pick us up in Miles little red car, he got out to assist us in attempting to jump it off and locked the keys in his car, while it was running. HAHA. Lets see I was…13, Megan’s age actually 🙂 WOW!

    Hayden, hope you had a wonderful birthday. Hope those watches arrive soon!! Babysitting you was certainly one of my favorite things to do!

    • Jennifer says:

      These years have gone by so fast. I am having a hard time believing that Thursday he finishes the 5th grade! (And starts the 6th on Friday!)

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