The big reveal… and a big mess.

I received my Mother’s Day gift when we returned to Wiesbaden after a fantastic vacation to Garmisch.

It was in a huge box, proudly announcing its contents.

I was very excited to receive this gift, especially as I got a killer deal on it!  (Thanks, Amazon!)

I spent about 30 minutes online looking for a recipe that I could whip up to give the machine a test run.  I found one that sounded heavenly, “Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcakes” and got to work.

Now that I look back I can see my error. They were 3/4 full until I put the “dollop” of cream cheese filling on top.

I’m not ashamed to show my baking ignorance.  (Actually, my mom was here and witnessed it so I really can’t pretend this atrocity didn’t occur.  Not only were these hideously ugly, they tasted horrible.  Maybe someone likes their cupcakes to taste like straight-up Hershey’s Cocoa, but I certainly don’t.)

Yes, I filled the cups too full.  Yes, the batter dripped all down onto the floor of my oven, resulting in a delightful burning smell throughout my house the next three times I preheated my oven.  No, it was not really fun cleaning the mess up.  No, it was not fun throwing out inedible cupcakes but yes, it was pretty fun watching that KitchenAid Stand Mixer in action!

Now, for an all-call for recipes.

I want to use my new mixer but I need recipes that real people like.  (Please, none that result in a dessert that tastes like a spoonful of powdered cocoa.)

What is your favorite recipe that you love to make in your KitchenAid?

What is the one meal/recipe you just won’t make if you don’t have access to a KitchenAid?

I’d like to get around 50 recipes so I can make one a week for a year.  It all comes down to this: I got a new toy and I really just want to use it!!!

So there you go.  Email the recipes to me and I’ll give them a shot!  (And I will try bread recipes but I don’t like nuts.  So, I will only try those recipes if I can leave the nuts out.)

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2 Responses to The big reveal… and a big mess.

  1. Bug's Mama says:

    I use my kitchen aid to make bread- the best, easiest bread recipe EVER:

    1.5 cups HOT water (whatever the hottest your sink will spit out)
    1 tbsp instant active yeast
    (drop that in the mixer, let it sit for 5 min so it gets nice and bubbly)

    Add in 3 tbs sugar or honey
    Drop in 1/4 cup butter
    add in 1.5 cups wheat flour, and 1 tsp salt

    THEN- add white flour while it is mixing, a little at a time until it is springy and no longer sticky.
    Let it raise in a bowl for 30 min, Break into rolls or loaves of bread and raise another 20 min.
    Bake at 350 for 15-18 min for rolls, and 350 for 45(ish) for a loaf of bread.

    (you need to use the bread hook attachment, and not the mixer blade)

  2. Corie Weathers says:
    This is our sandwich bread- the flax in it just makes it incredible and I wouldn’t do it without my kitchen aid!! This website is also amazing- nit only for its recipes (they can convert on the spot for volume or by scale), but it’s online blog/education is always teaching, helping you trouble shoot and the respond quickly (48-72 hours) to your questions. They really do have a teachers heart!! I have loved all their recipes!! Their mobile app is great too.

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