England 2012 – GPS Mishap

As a farewell from England the HHJ group went to lunch at a nearby restaurant called The Weeping Ash.  Fish and Chips all around for the Hamricks.

Kayla put the table menu thing on her head and wore it as a hat for the longest time.  She wasn’t trying to be funny… she really thought it was a hat!

It was sad to say goodbye to our friends, but we have a September visit from the Hills penciled in which made the hugs a little easier.

After a quick stop at the Tesco (a Wal-Mart-type store) we plugged in the coordinates to the hotel, which was about two-and-a-half hours away.

We had another beautiful, restful drive to our destination.  When we were just over a mile  away from our destination one of the boys needed to go to the bathroom. I told them that they would need to wait, as we were close to our hotel.  Matt then said, “Um, honey… I don’t think we’re as close as the GPS says we are.”

This is what we saw:

No Cliffs of Dover, no water, no ferries.  Nothing familiar.  Just a small, back, English road that our van fully consumed.

Kayla, the potty-training toddler, had to potty, so Aimee got her out of the car and set up on her portable potty, while Cory, Matt, and I tried to figure out where we were.  I used my iPhone to find out some details and when I said the name of the town we were in Cory said, “We’re near Stonehenge!”

That was really cool, especially as we were still two-and-a-half hours away from our destination!  We checked the closing times of Stonehenge and realized we’d have thirty minutes to see it, and we took off!  (After getting Kayla buckled back in her seat, of course.)  I was thrilled to see Stonehenge and thrilled that there was something to redeem the huge mistake I (along with the hotel’s incorrect coordinates) had made.  To make this even more exciting, the boys and I will be studying Stonehenge in a few weeks in our history.  It was a definite God-thing that we ended up there, and I’m glad our fellow travelers were happy about the surprise destination as well.

After we closed down the centuries-old site, we loaded up the van and drove toward our real destination, having ensured that the GPS was actually taking us to the hotel.

We arrived too tired to play a game of cards, something we had been looking forward to, but put it on our list of things to do tomorrow.

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  3. kristy says:

    If you were cheapskates like us, you’d just walk outside the fence line (at least for return visits).

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