England 2012 – Mexican

So, as a quick recap, Wednesday we drove from Wiesbaden, Germany to St. Neots, England.  Thursday we rode a train to London and explored, getting back to the Hill house very late.  Friday we took the bigs to Cadbury World, allowing them the chance to do something specifically for them.  By Saturday we were excited to stay home with nowhere to go.  We got to stay in PJs all day and had high expectations of sitting around and having coffee together, chatting the day away.

But when the men left us for Scotland they took the sunshine with them. Though it had rained the day before, that was fine because we went to Cadbury World, giving the seven children a chance to run and play.  But on the second day of Mancation, cabin fever began to settle in.  I played a game of dice with the bigs and gave Jessica and Aimee some time to catch up.  Later, Jessica played another game with them while I cooked and Aimee watched the babies.  The Wii did its job of entertaining the boys while simultaneously driving the moms nuts.  All three babies napped at the same time, making our lives a little bit easier.  We had a scrumptious Spaghetti dinner, combining Jessica’s and Aimee’s recipes.

Here you can see six of the seven kids.  Connor in his high chair, then Parker, Kayla, Carson, Bailey, and Owen.  

Aimee had her camera out for a bit and caught some cute shots of the kids.  I’m glad she did, as I was too lazy to get mine out!

Those EYES!

I LOVE this picture!  

The third day of Mancation was the day the moms had been looking forward to for a long time:  GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT!

We had planned a night for us to go to dinner, just the three of us, for the night the men returned from Scotland.  We sort of felt bad for leaving them with seven children suffering from a severe case of cabin fever, but not bad enough to stay home.  We enjoyed our dinner and drinks and chatted, happy to be able to complete a sentence without someone interrupting us.

The men brought the sun back with them and the kids were able to play outside for a while, running off a little of their pent-up energy.

We returned in the middle of a scuff between two of the boys and almost turned around and went back out for coffee… only problem with that was that here in Europe coffee shops close at 7:00 and it was way past that!

There were a few issues that the boys had to work through, not used to being in the same room with three other boys plus three babies for 72 hours.  They slept in the same room and were cooped up altogether while it rained, with nowhere to run off excess energy.  It was an ideal situation for melt-downs, which happened a few times.  With that said, I think the kids did a great job and it was so nice to get to see our friends.  We wish it weren’t so hard to get together with them… silly English Channel (and many, many miles of land) between us.

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