England 2012 – Mancation

So actually, this post is about Scotland, not England, but I hate to mess up a title series…

Our husbands were nice enough to let us go away for a few days last fall to enjoy the Sound of Music Tour and the PWOC Europe Conference.  We wanted to send them away on a trip to spend time together and see a part of the world that they have always wanted to see.

They’ve talked about a mancation for quite some time so when we planned the HHJ trip we  figured the only way we were ever going to get them to take this trip was to force them to get on a train and ride off into the sunrise.

And that’s just what we did!

The husbands took a train to Scotland to see a few very cool sites:

The Edinburgh Castle, the William Wallace Monument, and the Stirling Castle:

At the William Wallace Monument they got to see the actual Wallace Sword.  A dream come true for Matt!

The pictures the guys took are better than the ones I took while they were gone!

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3 Responses to England 2012 – Mancation

  1. Joleen Hyatt says:

    William Wallace doesn’t look at all like Mel Gibson! He was huge too, no wonder he could handle that sword!

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