Luxembourg with Nana and Papa

After we spent a day visiting Luxembourg and Trier  in February, we decided Nana and Papa would really enjoy seeing these two neat places.

Photo by my budding photographer, Hayden.

Papa and Parker stretching their legs at the American Memorial in Luxembourg.

Poor little guy has spent more hours in his carseat in the past two weeks than in his own house! He’s a trooper!

We thought it might be neat to see the supposed “robe of Christ” while in Trier.  However, when we arrived we saw that about a bajillion other people had the same idea.  We decided to forego the hours-long wait in the rain and just check out the town.

After seeing the Memorial and Trier we headed straight for the Mainz-Kastel Brauhaus.  Hayden had picked that restaurant for his special birthday dinner.  I really enjoyed introducing my parents to Spargelcremesuppe.  I believe it’s the best thing on their menu and hate that it’s seasonal… but I guess that’s what makes it so good.  Fresh spargel makes the best Spargelcremesuppe!

(I can’t believe I left my house without my CompactFlash card OR my SD card.  I keep a spare SD card in my purse, but had uploaded both cards to my computer that morning, leaving both at home, by accident.  Very thankfully, we were able to use Papa’s phone to take pictures, and Hayden had his very own new camera!)

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3 Responses to Luxembourg with Nana and Papa

  1. Bug's Mama says:

    Gosh- I may have to make the trip down there this week- the robe is only being shown thru the 13th, and was only brought out three times in the last century! It seems like an amazing city!

    • Jennifer says:

      Be prepared to stand in line a long time. Pack snacks and activities for the kids and go for it! If it weren’t raining and we had planned for a long visit, we might have stuck it out.

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