On the road… er… treadmill again…

My dad fixes something every time he comes to visit.  This time he took my treadmill from kaput to perfect in a few short hours.

To get it to back up and running we had to go purchase a new platform because this is what the old one looked like:

Matt and I had literally run a hole in the cheap floor board.

Dad and I got to experience the German version of Lowes together and enjoyed our favorite drink while on the road: Dr. Pepper.

While we were out and about dad even got the boys their very own miniature firepit!  I am praying for the rain to go away so we can roast some marshmallows tonight.

Last night, once Hayden’s official party was over and the adults were sitting around chatting, Dad went downstairs and started cutting the board and (fill in the blanks here as to what ever else it took to fix the machine).

By the time our last guests were leaving he was done and the treadmill was back up and running, this time with a floor board much stronger than the original one.

Thanks, Dad!

Here dad was adjusting the belt so it stayed straight as it ran.

The front cover removed to allow access to the guts of the machine.

Parker giving it a test run. He wasn’t so sure about it.

Parker prefers to be FAR away!

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