Hayden’s 11!!

My sweet firstborn son turns 11 today.  I have the hardest time believing it was 11 years ago that I first became a mom.  In many ways I feel I have always had these kids in my life and in other ways, I feel like I’m still a newbie.  Hayden made being a mom so easy because he was such an easy baby.  He was absolutely loved to pieces by his grandparents and also the church we are still members of.  He was passed around from person to person and had the sweetest disposition.

He has turned into a joyful young man who literally dances as he walks.  (I may or may not get irritated at this occasionally, but I often remind myself that I don’t want to discourage joy.)

Hayden is a natural with Parker and there have been times I’ve seen glimpses of him as a dad… now that takes my breath away.  Parker knows if he gets hurt and can’t get to me or Matt, Hayden can kiss away his boo-boo.

He draws very well and is taking after his dad in that respect.  He is mature beyond his years though I do admit I still see the little boy in him at times.  He’s not perfect, but I don’t want him to be, though I believe he’s about as perfect as an 11 year old can be.

I would love to sit and write my memories of his first day but for now, I have a newly turned 11 year old asking to know exactly who is coming to his party, a birthday cake to pick up, pizzas to order, presents I pray finally arrived at the post office, and, if so, presents to wrap.  I will reminisce some day soon about the day I became mom.  For now, I’m going to go and love on my baby who is getting taller every day.

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3 Responses to Hayden’s 11!!

  1. Candace says:

    Totally made me cry! Love you Hayden! He was a sweet baby and even sweeter big brother. ELEVEN! Wow, time flies.

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