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Now that it’s light out later, we have run into the problem of the boys not getting home in time for dinner.  For a while we were able to say, “When the street lights turn on, come home.”  Now, the street lights don’t come on until after 7:30 and that’s just too late for us.  One day last week Hayden and Carson made it home at a decent hour but Bailey was still out playing.

I drove around the neighborhood for 15 minutes looking for him, making three loops.  Our neighborhood is not large but it has several playgrounds, and I didn’t see him at any.  Just about the time I started to worry Matt called and said that Bailey was home.  He had been at one of the playgrounds that is not visible from the road.  I was very glad to know that he’d been with a friend the whole time, not out by himself.

That incident prompted me to act on an idea I had recently to get each of the bigs a nice watch that has an alarm.  I set each alarm to ring at 6:30 pm and told them they had five minutes to be home once it rang.  They can make it home from the farthest corners of our neighborhood in that time so there was no excuse to be late.  The only day since they got their watches that two of them didn’t return on time was he third day.  The reason?  They had been playing around with the features and accidentally turned off the alarms.  I had to teach them what symbol to look for to make sure the alarm was set but I also reminded them that they could keep checking the time on their watches to see how late it was getting.

I put three command hooks up by the door and if they aren’t wearing their watches they must hang them there.  We’ve given them watches before and told them to keep them in a safe place.  Within days some had lost theirs and these watches were not the $5 kind.  I want to have my eyes on those watches!  At night, when I go to bed, I stop by the door to check to see if it’s locked.  I can see who has placed their watches on the hooks and who hasn’t.  As I go to each boy’s room to turn off his iPod, I check his wrist for his watch if his wasn’t by the door.  Once, I found Bailey’s under his covers, not on his wrist.  He has the hardest time with his watch…  the others wear theirs pretty much around the clock.

Hopefully we’ll have more success at getting them home at a decent hour, and with keeping up with their watches!

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