“Fee debt fee!”

I recently posted the following as a Facebook status update:

You know you listen to a lot of Dave Ramsey when your 9-year-old can tell you the phone number to call in to the radio show and your two year old walks into the kitchen (where you listen to DR while cooking) and says, “fee debt fee?” as if to ask, can we listen to “We’re debt free?”

I absolutely love that Parker has been listing to Dave Ramsey since before he was born. And, while I spent time in the hospital after he was born, Parker and I listened to Dave’s podcast and the thought came to me, “This kid is going to have so much financial peace… he’s born into it.”

Now that he’s two years old, he’s heard hundreds of hours of Dave Ramsey’s advice and his favorite episodes are Debt Free Fridays.  He loves to hear the family count down and say, “We’re Debt Freeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!”

He always claps along and then says, “‘gin?  ‘gin?” wanting to hear it again.

For your enjoyment here is Parker enjoying a debt free call.  Notice how he’s completely enjoying his Ca-Chow book (Lightening McQueen) and as soon as he hears, “3-2-1” he lights up.  Melts my heart.

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