A year ago today…

One year ago today I posted about my wish list of Pampered Chef items.  I try to have a party every year so I can earn free stuff and also buy great items at a discount all year (10% off, baby!).

I’m excited to say that I got everything on my wish list and am LOVING my double burner griddle.  I use that thing for pancakes, Frikadelle, bacon.  So much easier.  I only wish my burners would expand.  In NC I had a glass top stove and the right, rear burner was small, but, with the flip of a switch, it would expand to be a large one.  That would help my griddle cook my food a bit more evenly.

My BIG wish for this party. I could make SO many pancakes simultaneously and maybe cut my cooking time drastically. Usually, by the time I have finished cooking all the pancakes my family is full and has left the building...

Anyway, since I was just looking back at what was going on a year ago, I thought I’d post the link to it here.  It was called, “Kitchen full o’ Pampered Chef.”  I’ll be having a party soon!

As for what’s going on THIS year, I’m busily preparing for the next three weeks, which are going to be FANTASTIC!

We leave for England tomorrow and the day after we return, my parents arrive!  SO EXCITING!  I have a little surprise for my parents that I can NOT wait to give them.  Actually, I can wait and I will, because surprises are just fun.  I can honestly say that I believe they have no idea what it is and will be fully surprised when they open it.  And if your mind went where the majority of my friends’ minds went, we are not having another baby.

I will not be answering many emails over the next month so if you write but don’t hear back, please understand that I’m going to be on vacation.  I’m about to go set my “out of office” automated reply on my email!


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