Happy Birthday, David Ramsey!

Back in college I became fast friends with Anna.  I remember we talked about our upcoming weddings often, with hers coming before mine.  Soon after we started hanging out, she took me to see the house she and her fiancé had purchased.  It was SO beautiful and I knew the home was going to be a happy one.

I remember the first time we introduced our loves to one another.  We had a feeling they’d hit it off, as both of them are introverts.  We were right and when they  are around one another they’re able to have conversation, but they’re both comfortable with silence.  When Anna and I are together, there IS no silence.  Mostly because we’re both women, and both talkers,  but also because when we get together (which isn to nearly enough thanks to this huge ocean between us) there are also seven children tagging along.

Some of our earlier memories include watching stupid movies in their new house after they got married, with David serving delicious banana pop smoothies.  I also remember watching Anna’s first pregnancy and feeling the excitement of starting our own family.

I’m very thankful for David’s handiness as he built my china cabinet and several other pieces of furniture I treasure and move all over the world.  He once made a guitar shaped clock for Matt that sits on Matt’s night-stand.  David’s craftiness has always impressed me, and, with Anna’s eye for design, the houses they live in are always magazine-beautiful.

I am really hoping Matt and I get the assignment we’re expecting next as it would put us only two hours away from the Ramseys.  We have plans already.  Two trips on the books and I’m excited about getting together and letting our kids play together again.

Here’s the last picture of all the Ramsey & Hamrick children together, taken October 2010:

The pictures in the collage below were also taken in October 2010:

(For some reason I just love that picture of Matt and David working to get Parker buckled in David’s truck.  That moment took me back to when we had our very first three babies… Anna had one, then she and I each had one together so during the season of my first, she was on her second.  Three babies born in 13 moths between the two of us… good memories!)

Happy Birthday, David!!

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