Bailey’s 8!!

Again, I know it’s been over a month since Bailey turned eight, but I’m glad I finally got the video done!

Bailey loves the gifts he got and enjoyed having his friends over.  He definitely missed two special friends who have since moved away, but he thought of them that day.  (Nathan and Owen, we missed you!)

It’s a special rite of passage in the Hamrick household to receive a pocket knife for your 8th birthday.  Here is Bailey with his:

I will say that he’s gone a month without losing it due to misplacement or mistreatment.  I’m pretty pleased with that!

Here is the video from the birthday party Bailey shared with Parker.  It’s the same video on the link called, “Parker’s 2!!

Watch Bailey as he actually enjoyed watching PARKER more than the song himself.  Also, pay attention when Bailey opens a present and yells, “SPLITFACE!!” You’ll hear Matt say, “Whoa!  Hero Factory,” and Bailey’s friend replies, “Again.”  (Bailey had received a few of these and he was thrilled.  He’s really into these things right now.)  Bailey’s reaction cracks me up every time I watch it.  (In case it’s hard to hear, he tells his friend, “That’s what I wanted, you know.”)

Bailey’s actual birthday was on March 18th.

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