Parker’s 2!!

Yes, I know he’s been two for a month and five days.  It just took me this long to create the video and get it posted.  My bad.

Anyway, Matt had to leave for England (TDY – rough life) on Parker’s actual birthday so we decided to have a special lunch at the Food Court in celebration before we dropped Matt off at the airport.  I had made a cake and brought candles with us so we could have an actual party for our birthday boy.

I loved watching Parker try to blow out his candles.  I also treasure this picture of Carson trying to show him how.

Trying so hard!  He kept making an “ffffff” sound but getting very little air out!

Finally with some help from daddy, he got the candles out!

The following video is from the combined birthday party he shared with Bailey.  I only made one video so you’ll eventually see it on Bailey’s extra birthday post as well!

Watch Parker’s excitement over hearing his own name in the song.  He actually pointed to himself!!  SO CUTE!

Parker’s actual birthday was on March 13th.

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