Sprite. Who knew?!?

The day before Easter when Matt was trying his best to recover and we were chillin’ watching a movie, someone knocked on the door.  I totally expected it to be one of the neighborhood kids looking for Haydencarsonbailey, as the bigs are called.  (As in, “Can Haydencarsonbailey come out to play?)

I was quite surprised to see a friend at the door with a bouquet of pink and yellow flowers in hand, just because.  I love “just because” gifts!

This is what they looked like that day, just an hour after I put them in water.

And eight days later, before church, I snapped this iPhone picture (dirty kitchen table and all) so I could show her how beautiful they were.

I don’t remember where I heard this trick but works.

1.  Once you get flowers, cut the stems at an angle.
2.  Fill vase 3/4 with water.
3.  Pour in 1/4 – 1/2 can of Sprite.
4.  Repeat every other day or so, freshening the water and cutting the stems again once you see the flowers start to wilt. (I’ve only re-cut the stems once in the past week.)

I have no idea why this works and I’m sure my landscape contractor father and brother could tell me why, and I’m sure at least one of you will google the answer.  For now, I’m just sharing what I do with flowers to keep them looking great on my table.

These flowers came at the perfect time.  Having this fresh, beautiful bouquet on the table while Matt was so sick and we were cooped up at home was really nice.  Quite at treat!  Thank you, Beth!

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4 Responses to Sprite. Who knew?!?

  1. jmbcc says:

    Thanks for the “recipe”. I wondered how that worked. I never heard the Sprite thing before. All I have ever done is drop the garlic clove in the water to keep it from getting cloudy and ugly. Now I have another trick up my sleeve!!

  2. I LOVE this!!! Anything to help beautiful flowers last longer!! Can I share this on my page?

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