Making their dad proud…

The bigs had their first tennis lessons on Wednesday.  Oh, how proud Matt is that they’re finally taking up a sport he understands and loves.  He isn’t much of a soccer fan but has watched and coached the boys like a good dad will… he’s done so reluctantly, though.  Baseball or tennis, he’d prefer them to play, and now they are!

Wednesday of this week was the low-point of Matt’s illness and he was barely able to move from the couch to the bathroom when needed, much less see their first few moments as tennis players so I took my camera and documented the moment.

Note:  It is a good idea to keep an extra SD card in your purse/camera bag for moments like this.  I had left my favorite one plugged into the card reader at home and was very thankful for a back up!

Before I remembered I had that extra card in my purse, I snapped a picture of Carson and Bailey with my iPhone before practice.  This was taken a full three minutes before Carson dropped his water bottle and it split in four places, creating a really neat looking, though annoying, water fall.

Once I remembered I had it, I went back to the car to retrieve the extra SD card so I could get better pictures.  We were a little early for practice since I wanted to be sure to find the right courts with this being the first day of lessons.  I let them play on the playground while we waited for the coach to arrive.  I wonder how long these rackets will look so crisp…

On their way to their first practice.  Notice Carson is lacking a water bottle…

I have no idea how I’m supposed to take good pictures during tennis matches with this green mesh all around the courts!

Carson and Bailey warmed up before their practice actually started.  This consisted of Bay hitting the ball to Carson and then Carson nailing a home run.  Then Bailey would have to  go outside the fence to retrieve the ball.  I think Carson has confused baseball and tennis…

Fun game:  See if you can spot the ball in the following image:

With Matt and Parker being so sick, I left Hayden at home with them while I dropped Carson and Bailey off.  I returned to the house for a brief time and it was about then that Parker woke up, earlier than expected, from his nap.  He usually takes a 3-4 hour nap and he had only been asleep for two.  I knew Matt was in no condition to care for him so I loaded him into the car with his snuggly and took Hayden to practice, picking up the other boys.

While Hayden was practicing I took the other three with me to run a few errands, including to the clinic to get one additional medicine for Matt.  We returned to the courts and there was, I thought, 25 more minutes until practice was over.  I released Carson and Bailey to the playground and sat with Parker.  When the hour rolled around I wondered if I had missed something and went back through old emails on my handy-dandy iPhone and found that Hayden’s practice is in fact, 90 minutes.  Parker was starting to get really uncomfortable and so I had to get him home.  There was no way he was going to make it through another 25 minutes.  I called for the other boys to come with me and I dropped them off at home, putting Parker in the bed and giving Carson the “you’re in charge since Daddy’s sick” speech.  I hated leaving Parker…  and Matt, for that matter, who was reaching a new level of sick.  I rushed back to get Hayden and found he was LOVING tennis practice!

I really think they’re going to enjoy this sport and I look forward to the upcoming season of practice.  I would have LOVED for all three to practice at the same time but, as they have the same coach, that would have been difficult.  So, from now until June, twice a week we will be at tennis practice for two and a half hours and they’ll have matches on Saturdays.  I really do love having boys!

—   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —

And because I think he was the cutest tennis player on the GWU Runnin’ Bulldogs Tennis Team, here are a couple of pictures of Matt in his tennis playing days:

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3 Responses to Making their dad proud…

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  2. jmbcc says:

    Hey! I remember them Runnin’ Bulldogs!!! Great memories and I am so glad to have someone in Germany to share memories of home with!!! Great post Jennifer.

    • Jennifer says:

      It’s such a small world!

      Matt and I just called GWU to see if they allow funerals/memorials to take place in the Dover Chapel. They said they do and so now, on our “Funeral Arrangements” page in the Legacy Drawer, GWU’s contact info is listed as the place for the memorials to be held.

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