Carson’s Second Piano Recital

Carson is still loving his piano lessons and when I asked him how he liked his recent piano recital he said, “That was fun!”  I think having one under his belt made this one less intimidating.  The fact that it was less formal probably helped!

Here is the video of his performance along with him playing his recital piece and another song at home.  At the end is a two-minute clip of his teacher playing a song for us.  We always enjoy hearing her play as it shows the students what they’re working toward.  (It doesn’t hurt for the parents to see just how talented the instructor is, either!)

Here’s a link to his first recital.  He’s improved so much in the past 3 months and I’m excited that he’s about to start Theory.  I don’t even know what that is!


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2 Responses to Carson’s Second Piano Recital

  1. Anna says:

    Wow! I am so proud of Csrson!!! What a great job he did! I showed the video to my kiddos and they kept asking, “Is that really Carson or are you just kidding?” I assured them that it was really him playing, they thought he did a great job too! Very impressed with his talent! Keep on playing! We are proud of him!

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