Matt’s Birthday Weekend

I have no good way to make Matt’s birthday weekend sound fun even thought it was, in fact, very much so.  I have retyped the following sentence in six different ways and yet it still sounds horribly boring:

For Matt’s birthday we went to Ramstein to shop for our Easter outfits.

No matter how I word it, it sounds dull!

But that’s what Matt wanted to do for his birthday so after Carson’s piano recital we did just that.  The Joneses went with us and that added to the festivity of the day.  I’m very excited about the clothes we bought and still amazed and shocked that we found six coordinating outfits in the same store on the same day.

Matt really wanted Chili’s for dinner so after our shopping was complete, including purchasing traditional pencils (which our PX had somehow stopped carrying for a brief period) we drove to the land of the bottomless chips and salsa.  What we discovered when we arrived was that everyone in the Ramstein area had decided to converge on the same restaurant resulting in a two-hour wait.  It was already 6:00 and there was no way we were going to make it two hours so I threw out an idea.  It stuck and we went with it:  we ordered the adults’ food as take-out and then drove to the food court to eat it.  We purchased the bigs’ dinner at the food court as they LOVE the orange chicken plate at the Chinese restaurant.  Everyone was happy!

The next day was Matt’s actual birthday, April Fool’s Day.  As it was Sunday Matt left before I did so he could rehearse with the praise team.  After church some friends took our family to lunch at the Sushi/Chinese/Mongolian BBQ place.  YUM!  We ate SO much food that we required naps all around, and I rarely take a Sunday afternoon nap!  Earlier, while Matt was at church rehearsing, I finalized the gift I had made him which was a DVD of some of his former students telling him what having a youth minister meant to them as a youth, and also what it means to them now that they’re old (hehe!).

All seemed to be working just fine but I later found out that some crazy glitch somewhere has messed with the files and the project would not burn to a DVD.  We ended up watching three quarters of it on AppleTV and the final few minutes on my computer.  I was bummed that it didn’t work seamlessly but the message was still there.

During his small party Matt received gifts from his friends even though I had said no gifts were necessary:  a nice shirt, an Alec Trebek greeting card, some books, and a cake that was out of this world.  One might not consider a cake a gift, but wait until you see the PICTURES!  Much time and effort was put into making the cake and it turned out beautifully!

I am pretty sure Matt loved his birthday weekend, his last birthday in Germany.  In this picture he’s still cracking up at his funny greeting card!

Not only did Christy make the cake look just like Matt’s favorite guitar, her husband made a case for the guitar-cake!  The detail in the cake was impressive, down to the fretboard inlays and the volume knobs.

Parker, seeing Matt blowing out the candle, decided he wanted a turn.  Or twelve.  Hayden relit that candle over and over, letting Parker try to blow it out.

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