Ear Trauma

Being a kid is a dangerous job.  While playing at the park the other day Hayden got his head bashed into a metal pole.  This was one of the hardest knocks he has had since the “busted forehead” incident at age three and a half.

It was during a lively game of tag when he and a friend collided and Hayden’s head bounced off the pole, knocking him flat.  I walked up to find him holding his head, half breathing, half crying.  I could tell he was in real pain.  Poor guy.

I checked for blood and found none.  I had him remain still while I assessed the damage.  The guy who bumped into him felt so bad and I could tell he wished he could have made Hayden feel better immediately.

Every sound sent excruciating pain through Hayden’s head and standing was difficult at first.  He was very dizzy and had a hard time getting off the playground.  As soon as he was  able to walk, we went into the shade where I could check his pupils.  He was happy to be out of the direct sunlight as well as away from the noise of the playground.  By the time we had gotten to the shade his ear was swollen and blue.  I could see his skin had been split open but wasn’t dripping blood, thankfully.

To make sure he was fine I called a nurse-friend of mine.  After just a few minutes of conversation we determined that he was probably fine (as he hadn’t lost consciousness nor had he vomited) but that if he were still experiencing dizziness later on that day I would need to have him seen.

30 minutes after the event he was much better and the only remaining pain was the throbbing ear and the knot on the side of his head.  Now, three days later the bruising has spread and turned black.  Looks gross but he’s fine.


Ahhh… the joys of being a mom.

And since I mentioned his head trauma from when he was three and a half years old, I thought I’d show you what I was referring to.  Be warned… you will see a tiny amount of blood .

Thanksgiving 2004:

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