The Bigs at the Park

It’s so much easier to take pictures of Parker than the bigs.  I wrote yesterday about Parker’s new love of exploring and, while he was on the move, I was still easily able to keep up with him and take pictures.  Especially when he’d concentrate on a little bug and follow its trail for a few seconds.

The bigs, however, play fast-paced chase games with other big kids.  I can’t keep up with them though I believe I’m going to set for myself a new challenge this spring:  get quality photos of each of my bigs in their own elements.  Could be interesting!

I snapped these the other day and, while they’re not great, I was happy to capture all three bigs in the same frame several times.

Parker trying to keep up with his brothers.

Parker learned a rough lesson, pun intended.  If you go down the playground hill on your tummy and you have no onesie on, your belly will get scratched.

(I know this was supposed to be about the BIGS at the park but I couldn’t resist adding these of Parker!)

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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