Facing Forward

I always thought it was a momentous occasion when we turned the bigs around from rear-facing to forward-facing in their car seats.  Back then it was recommended to do so at one year and 20 lbs.  Today the official recommendation is to keep them rear-facing as long as possible, even as old as four years old.  That takes us Americans by surprise and we scoff. Officially, the recommendation is to leave them rear facing until they reach the maximum height/weight allowance for their convertible car seat.  (Ours is 40 lbs.)

I turned Parker at two years and 26 lbs. and it still too early according to those recommendations. I encourage you to read up on the new standards and make decisions according to what you think is best.  I bet by the time my kids are parents their kids will be rear facing for four years, like the Swedes.

Waiting this long with Parker raised some eyebrows. Turning him this early will raise others.  Regardless, since this was a big deal I took pictures of the occasion.

This was just a few minutes after I woke him from his nap.  It took a bit for him to understand why mommy was in the back seat of our van while he was strapped into his car seat.  (Not 100% correctly strapped in as we weren’t actually going anywhere.  I just needed him contained for the pictures.)

Seriously, mommy?  You woke me for this?!?

As I unbuckled him I tickled him to get a smile.  Finally!

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