Celebrating Bailey

Eight years ago today we became a family of five.  Hayden and Carson were 2 and 1 and the cutest little guys ever.  They were thrilled to have another brother and we felt so blessed to have such a sweet family.

Though it’s hard to see the captions below, these are some very special pictures.  The first family picture, the first three-brubs picture, and the first pictures with Hayden and Carson with their newest little brother.

So many friends came to the hospital to meet this big, blue faced baby boy who took us all by surprise nine months prior.

The cord had been wrapped around his neck during delivery and he was born so fast (delivered in one contraction) that he bruised horribly.  His face was blue for a week or so and his eyes were bloodshot for a few.  I took most pictures of him during those weeks while his eyes were closed because the part that was supposed to be white was red.  It looked pitiful.

This is Bailey last year around this time when we were in England.  He had just lost a tooth in Hard Rock.

And here he is a year later while we were in Bruges, Belgium.


Bailey is a very active kid who loves to run and play outside.  It’s a good thing he’s so active because he could eat all day long.  It never fails…. thirty minutes after a meal he asks how much longer till the next.

He has improved in his reading so much in the past six months and recently finished his very first chapter-book all on his own.  He enjoys reading even if it didn’t come as naturally to him as it did to Hayden and Carson.

Bailey has a heart for the homeless and prays for them often.  He still loves the memory of his prayers being answered in Colorado… he had prayed that the homeless who camped along a major road we often drove would have food for Thanksgiving.  I happened to post that prayer of his on my FB status.  One of my friends replied that their church had done a food drive for them and taken them tons of canned goods but also a hot Thanksgiving meal.  So much food that they had to turn the donations away for having no way to keep the fresh food refrigerated.  Bailey’s prayers were answered and he loves that!

I recently saw a rare tender spot on his heart (he’s mostly “all boy” so tenders spots don’t show through his exterior too often).   I had heard someone in the hallway say something really rude and I thought for sure it was Hayden.  Sounded just like his voice.  I called Hayden to me, telling him to give me his iPod for a week, and sent Bailey to his room.  Ten minutes later Bailey came out asking if I had taken Hayden’s iPod.  He confessed that it was he who had said the mean comment and didn’t want Hayden disciplined for what he did.  (Fortunately I had discovered this while talking with Hayden and had not, in fact, taken the iPod… but it was so wonderful to see Bailey’s conviction and then, in turn, his confession.)

Bailey is very social and loves to talk and play but he loves to be home.  It works out well that we have such a great neighborhood full of boys because this affords him the luxury of being home when he wants but also at the park playing when he’d rather do that.

His SPD is still hanging around but is so much easier to handle now that he’s older.  I still brush him occasionally but for the most part, he understands when things feel bad that, given some time, he’ll get used to it.

Our family looks slightly different from what we had planned:  2 kids, then 5 years later, 2 more kids.  Bailey’s earlier-than-planned arrival provided us with a lot of excitement but I wouldn’t change anything.  So thankful for my family!


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