Inn of Brugas

So since I’ve talked highly of our second hotel I thought I’d give you a personal tour.  I really enjoyed the time we spent there and wish we had had accommodations like this while in Amsterdam.

We were able to park right outside the front door.  As we have learned, everywhere in this part of Europe houses have stairs.  LOTS of stairs.  I believe this is someone’s home they just remodeled to create a few rooms for a B&B.  There is a separate entrance for the B&B portion and the office is on the floor level.

On the second floor were the single rooms, which we didn’t use, and the breakfast room.  Up another floor was our living room and this is the view once you open the front door.  Standing here, another set of stairs was directly to our right which led to the bedrooms.  The bathroom behind the door you can see in this picture.  For the second picture I walked over and stood in front of the window.

We had a huge closet for our coats and shoes which kept the room fairly neat.  We had a mini-fridge.  Always a plus!  Notice the stairs… we’re heading there now.

Directly at the top of the stairs was the master bedroom.  To the left of that is the boys’ room, and to the right is a loft area.

This is the view from the top of the stairs, quite obviously.  The little loft to the left, the boys room to the right (unseen) and I’m standing in the master bedroom’s doorway.  There’s a door over the stairs that was the subject of a lot of discussion among the boys… where does it go?  How does one reach the handle, or even get inside?

Turning to my right I enter the boys’ bedroom.   (I really should have taken pictures when we arrived rather than right before we left.  You can imagine that they make the beds better than I did!)  I love the little window.  If you go to the TripAdvisor for this hotel another customer put a picture of the exterior of the hotel.  You can see the tiny window at the top of the building.  SO CUTE!

Standing right by that window you can see that the manager had left a bed for an extra person even though we told him we could use the couch.  He had given us a discount since we didn’t require this extra bed and were trying to save money.  I thought it was kind of him to put it there (or at least leave it there for us to use).

Going out this door and turning left we enter the master bedroom that had a cool, light-up bed.

Standing beside the left-hand night stand you can see a little nook to the left of the door.  That’s where we put Parker’s containment device.  One really great thing is the windows had interior black-out shades so we slept as long as the bigs would let us.

Going back out the door and down the stairs, I turn right into the living room and then enter the bathroom.

Standing over by the tub…

When Matt wanted to run around town looking for specific things I was more than happy to stay back in the room and rest, letting Parker have a few hours to run around and play.  He took a long, warm play-bath (as opposed to a get-clean-quick bath) while Matt and Carson toured the city.

I’ve grown a little more accustomed to the European breakfasts here and enjoyed this one immensely.  They had a coffee machine and beside it, cubes of sugar.  I’ll leave it to your imagination how many my taste buds required to get it as sweet as I prefer!

Below you can see Parker taking his play-bath and then later, watching ca-chow from his containment device.  This was the babysitter while I packed up and took pictures… I needed a place to keep him safe from the stairs.

You can also see that Hayden has become a master-car-loader.  

I have also been meaning to give a final review of how the snack-packing worked out.  In Trying Something New I shared how I had packed a bag of pre-portioned snacks for each day of road travel as well as a full lunch for each day.  This worked out beautifully!

Here’s how I did it, but please know we don’t eat these things on a daily basis.  The cookies and treats were special because we were on vacation.

For the three times we plan to stop for lunch, I’ve prepared a bit differently.  In each of these lunch bags I’ve placed:  4 fruit cups; 5 granola bars (or orange crackers) and 1 NutriGrain bar (for Parker); one packet of mayo; one packet of mustard; 2 knives; 3 juice boxes; 1 milk box and of course, 6 snack-sized ziplock baggies with 2 cookies.  We will have our sandwich meat and bread (and any other toppings that need to be refrigerated) in a separate cooler.  When it’s lunch time, I just need to grab a lunch bag and the cooler and we have lunch stuff already preportioned out!

When we stopped for lunch, we had to get out the large cooler, the small cooler which I had packed to protect the bread from getting squished (and it also held the peanut butter, it’s not pictured here), and the lunch bag.

While the boys stretched their legs I set the table and made sandwiches.  The ice had lasted the entire time because it was fairly cool outside.  Had it been summer it would have never made it.

So there you have it.  I think packing his way was a success and I’ll do it again.  There are several benefits of pre-portioning things out: no one asks for more cookies; less mess; and it’s much cheaper than buying the store-bought pre-portioned snacks.  (Plus, those have 6 cookies per package where I put only 2 in ours!)  I’m excited that this worked so well!

And this concludes the Amsterdam series.  I really enjoyed the trip itself and journaling about it.  But even more than that, I’m enjoying the discussions the boys and I are having regarding what we’ve learned.  We just finished watching the bonus features of The Hiding Place and we got to hear several messages by Corrie ten Boom herself.  We’re still listening to the audio version of her book and so much is sinking in.  More than I expected, to be honest.  We have immersed ourselves in this part of history for a few weeks and I pray it sticks with the boys for their lives.

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