From Holland to Belgium

The drive was so beautiful that we pulled over to get this picture. (Actually, I would have taken it while Matt was driving but we had left the camera in the trunk at the last stop so we had to pull over. I’m glad we did!)


As soon as we arrived at our B&B for the night we fell in love with it.  I’ll show you the pictures of it tomorrow.  We immediately thought of our friend, David, because the house looked as if  he had done the remodel.  After the place we had stayed the previous two nights, a Motel 6 would have been a major upgrade, but that we were staying in a place as nice as this was hardly believable.

However, as we were there to see the city, we decided to unload our belongings and start exploring the town.

The country that had welcomed us with the beautiful scenery in the picture above continued to take our breath away at every turn.  Bruges is a very small, quaint city with canals and cobblestone.  As we entered one of the squares we noticed the belfry.  Matt snapped this picture using his iPhone and I got one using my Nikon, however I had left my zoom lens at the house so I couldn’t get a full shot.

As we walked into this square we had two boys ask for pizza for dinner.  I told them that that was a possibility but that we were going to see what our options were.  As soon as I saw a waffle place I knew what we were going to have.  BELGIAN WAFFLES!

We walked into one and sat down, ordering five plates of waffles, with Parker sharing with us.  Beside us a gentleman asked where we were from and we said, “North Carolina.”  He said, “AH!  We’re from Tennessee and have come to visit our kids in college here.”  While I would have loved to chat with them and find out more, I was aware that there were other guests in the restaurant who were fascinated by not only these Americans who, though strangers, spoke about college basketball teams and cities we had both visited, they were also fascinated by the large family who had just walked in and taken up half the restaurant.  It made me a bit uncomfortable so I busied myself with settling the boys and reading the menu.  Had we been the only two families in the room I’m sure we would have bonded over our love of sweet tea and southern hospitality.

No worries, because before long we were presented with waffles and our attention was held hostage by ice cream, chocolate syrup, strawberries and powdered sugar.

Parker had been in his car seat or stroller (or containment device) for the past three days and, when given the opportunity to walk around, he jumped at it.  Here you can see Parks and Matt walking together.

After our dinner we had a lovely stroll through the town.  A town like Bruges deserves the words, “lovely stroll.”  The window displays were fascinating and the side streets were captivating.

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6 Responses to From Holland to Belgium

  1. Malou says:

    I’m drooling over the waffles…my favorite! Never gave it a miss when in Belgium. 😉

    • Jennifer says:

      The waffles were good, as were the sides of fries we had with them. We had heard on Rick Steves’ podcast that the Belgium fries were as goos as the waffles. We enjoyed them, but to be honest, fries all over Europe are great. The restaurant we had the waffles and fries even shared their special recipe for the amazing mayonnaise they serve but I’ve long since forgotten it. Something about eggs and… oh, I forget.

  2. Debbie says:

    I may need to break down and buy a 220 waffle iron. Those look delicious:)

  3. Pam M. says:

    your photography is totally awesome…I almost felt that I could smell the water under the bridge! I love your writing skills as well. You use words so well!

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